8th Day Center Gala of Gratitude

Posted on September 30, 2017

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September 30 , 2017
All Day

Unitarian Church of Evanston
1330 Ridge Ave
Evanston, IL 60201

8th Day Center Gala of Gratitude

Earlier this week the 8th Day Center, a Catholic activist organization committed to deconstructing oppressive and marginalizing institutions, announced that it will be officially disbanding in September 2018 as a result of its struggle to secure robust and consistent funding support.  

To mark the final year of its operations and lay the foundation for its parting contributions to the community, the 8th Day Center will be holding its Gala of Gratitude. Join the 8th Day Center on September 30, 2017 to discuss the state of local progressive movements and celebrate the work of 8th Day Center as a fixture of the Chicago progressive community. 

You can check the 8th Day Center’s website and Facebook page for more information.