Justice Department Hint at Charges Against Wikileaks’ Assange Threatens Freedom of the Press

According to Al Jazeera English, at a press conference on Thursday, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions hinted at forthcoming charges by the Justice Department against Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange for his role in releasing government documents to the public. Sessions … Read more »

Senate and House Legislators Introduce Bill Mandating Warrants for Device Searches by Border Agents

Following a statement announcing his intention to pursue legislation to close a glaring loophole in Fourth Amendment protections during border crossings, Senator Ron Wyden has formally introduced legislation aimed at more tightly regulating searches of electronics conducted by CBP agents and other border … Read more »

UN Free Speech Watchdogs Warn of “Undemocratic” Campaign by US States to Restrict Peaceful Protest

UPDATE: According to a new report from The Intercept, the Minnesota State House passed a bill containing a provision, which civil liberties advocates fear will produce a chilling effect on peaceful protest, that classifies pedestrians blocking a freeway as … Read more »

New Illinois Privacy Laws, If Passed, Would Lead Nation as Bulwark Against Federal Deregulation

Illinois state lawmakers are now deliberating on new legislation aimed at solidifying internet user privacy and which, if passed, would constitute some of the most robust such protections in the nation. Of the three proposals, the principal bill under consideration … Read more »

Seeking Accountability for Spike in Phone Seizures, Civil Rights Group Files Suit Against CBP

UPDATE: A new piece by Mother Jones reports that, in response to CBP’s and the Department of Homeland Security’s failure to respond to requests for statistics on the searches the agencies conduct, Senator Ron Wyden has announced plans to file legislation that would require … Read more »

Unchecked Facial Recognition Programs Could Severely Erode Privacy When Coupled with Police Body Cameras

UPDATE: In an announcement last week, Taser launched a broad, ambitious promotional campaign to equip local law enforcement around the country with body cameras by providing free body cameras to any police department interested in acquiring them. The promotion, concurrent with the unveiling of … Read more »

Data Analytics Firm Deeply Entangled With Intelligence Community Provides Unfettered CIA Database Access to ICE

In a new piece from The Intercept, reports indicate that the surveillance data analytics company Palantir provides a database querying tool to Immigration and Customs Enforcement which, among other features, would allow members of the agency to access files acquired by the … Read more »

Op-Ed: The Wikileaks Documents Show the CIA’s Hacking Operations Cause More Harm Than Good

With barely a week having passed since Wikileaks released a formidable cache of documents on CIA hacking techniques, observers are already frantically assessing their impact. Media and expert reactions vary widely, spanning anywhere from Leonid Bershidsky’s dismissal of the revelations as ultimately inconsequential in affecting what is … Read more »

Judge Rules Against Police Broadly Collecting of Fingerprints to Unlock Devices

In an opinion issued last week, a federal magistrate judge in Chicago ruled that police are not allowed to indiscriminately collect fingerprints from all residents or occupants of a certain property for the purposes of unlocking encrypted mobile devices. Though … Read more »

Federal Appeals Court Upholds Citizens’ Right to Record Police Activity

In a 2-1 decision, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that citizens have the right to take still or video images of police officers operating in public while on-duty. The case was brought before the court by a Dallas-Fort Worth … Read more »