Educational Center, campus of Shawnee Community College

Posted on March 23, 2012

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8364 Shawnee College Road

United States


WHEN: Hearings are Monday, April 2 at NOON. Hearings will last 3 hours!

Leave Monday around 5:00am in our fine comfortable bus from downtown
Chicago and return same day!

WHERE: Educational Center, campus of Shawnee Community College, 8364
Shawnee College Road, Ullin IL 62992

WHY: Support the moms and sisters and dads and nieces and other
loved-ones who are trying to end the nightmare of having their loved
ones in cold-storage isolation for years, even decades at a time.

HOW: Tamms Year Ten and our allies are sponsoring a bus to the
hearings. If your organization wants to become a co-sponsor of the bus
trip, contact Megan Selby at

COST: If you can, please donate at least $30 to support the costs of
the bus. However, if you can’t pay, we would be honored to have you
and urge you to come! (Sliding scale $0 to $100!)

RSVP: Please let us know that you will be attending as soon as you can
so that we reserve the appropriate bus. Email us with all your contact

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