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Posted on August 29, 2012

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26th and Michigan Avenue

United States

From Illinois Campaign to End the New Jim Crow: 

From Chicago to Maywood to Calumet City and beyond, police officers have had free reign to terrorizeand murder people of color. The names of the victims of police terrorism and brutality are numerous; Rekia BoydStephon Watts, Howard Morgan, Christopher Middleton and many more.

City, state and local officials have been silent, and have protected police officers who have terrorizedcommunities of color. If politicians and political leaders will do nothing, what can the community doto hold the police accountable?

Cops who murder and terrorize the community should be indicted; we can no longer live under fearof police terror. Yet, the problem is much bigger than the actions of killer cops; the problemstems from systemic racism and the dehumanization of people of color. The problem is the New Jim Crow.

What will it take to build a movement to confront police power? How can we create communities free of police terror? What are alternative strategies for community empowerment that don’t involve police?

Join family members and activists as we discuss these any many more questions.

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