Guantanamo — Theater party

GUANTANAMO Theater Party

Sunday matinee,  2 P.M., 12 March 2006

Time Line Theatre, 615 W. Wellington
(just west of Broadway, west side of Wellington Avenue Church)

The play:  Originally produced to great acclaim in London in 2004 and a subsequent hit Off-Broadway, Guantanamo is based on interviews with detainees who were released from Guantanamo Bay in February 2004. This stirring docu-drama weaves together personal stories, legal opinion and political debate, looking at questions surrounding the detentions of suspected “enemy combatants” while examining potential damage being done to Western democratic values during the war on terror. Guantanamo was commissioned, from an idea by Nicolas Kent, by the Tricycle Theatre in London in January 2004. Five British detainees were interviewed in early 2004, shortly after being released.