“10 Takeaways From the Anti-NATO Demonstrations, Part 2” @ Huffington Post

Posted on June 6, 2012

Mark Cassello — June 6, 2012: ”

On May 20-21, 2012, the NATO summit descended upon Chicago with the full weight of the global military industrial complex. The cloistered glitz of the NATO summit and the publicized gore of the anti-NATO protests left an indelible mark on those who participated in these events. However, for most Chicagoans, NATO simply represented one more annoyance in an already grinding daily commute. In the wake of NATO, Chicagoans sprang back into their daily routine with the ferocity of ants rebuilding a demolished anthill. The NATO summit was, to most, unremarkable.

Now, almost two weeks after the event, police have stowed away their riot gear and cleaned their bloodied batons. Throngs of weary but resolute demonstrators have found their way home to a soft bed and clean clothes. The literal and figurative wounds inflicted in Chicago have begun to heal, but the gnawing issues that gave rise to these demonstrations remain. What have we learned?

4. You were supposed to stay home.
A perfect storm of propaganda to suppress turnout preceded the NATO demonstrations. First, media coverage encouraged the public to stay home. News outlets repeated warnings about potential violence, traffic delays, and police preparation. Chicago radio personalities deployed long-standing stereotypes about demonstrators to cast the protests as socially unacceptable. Even the traditionally benign Roe Conn of WLS-AM 890 incessantly mocked protesters and stoked fear about the upcoming events……………………….”

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