ACTION ALERT: Update on the NDAA from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee

Posted on May 29, 2012

From the Bill of Rights Defense Committee:

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

While the House of Representatives recently decided to keep the NDAA’s indefinite detention provisions intact, ignoring a ruling from a federal judge that found them unconstitutional, the battle will soon continue to the Senate. Armed Services Committee Chair Carl Levin (D-MI) squelched debate in the committee, but Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) has promised to continue the debate when the bill reaches the Senate floor.

While Congress debates whether to respect our Constitution, you need not sit back and observe the process in a cold fury.  The very same week that the House approved provisions that ultimately make domestic military detention even worse, yet another city — one bordering the nation’s capital — raised its voice to help shift the debate.

Last week, the city council of Takoma Park, MD approved a resolution against indefinite detention.  The decision followed a public forum organized by the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition, at which members of the city Council had a chance to ask questions and hear the concerns of community members, as well as issue experts.

The opportunity to take local action to challenge the national security state is critical. As Takoma Park organizer Jim Kuhn put it:

“Local resolutions help make it abundantly clear to lawmakers in Washington that we are paying close attention, and won’t be quiet when they undermine fundamental civil rights. But more than that, this is an important opportunity to make it clear that people of good will from across the political spectrum — Republicans, Democrats, Greens, Tea Partiers, and Occupiers — can unite to effect positive change.”

While Congress ignores concerns of everyday Americans, you have the opportunity to send a strong message to Washington by mobilizing your community. For tips on how to secure a resolution like Takoma Park’s, check outour toolkit for organizing a local campaign to resist indefinite detention.

Let us know you’re interested by signing up, and we’ll be in touch soon to offer ideas, materials, guidance, and support.

Last week, Takoma Park joined a dozen cities and towns who have passed resolutions across the country, starting with a conservative county in Colorado that hosts several military installations, including the Air Force Academy. More are in process , and your town could be next. Check out our toolkit and get started today.

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