Posted on June 27, 2012

From Committee to Stop FBI Repression:

Thursday, June 28: Call Asst. US Attorney Jonas and US Attorney Fitzgerald and tell them “Hands off anti-war and international solidarity activists!”

1. Call Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas at 312-353-5300 x 68027.

2. For Patrick Fitzgerald, call 312-353-5300, then dial 0 (zero) for operator and ask to leave a message with the Duty Clerk.

Suggested text:  “My name is __________, I am from _______(city), in ______(state).  I am calling Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas [and U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald] to demand he call off the investigation of, and stop FBI repression against, the anti-war and international solidarity movements. I oppose U.S. government political repression and support the right to free speech and the right to assembly of the 23 activists subpoenaed.  We will not be criminalized.  Tell him to stop this McCarthy-type witch-hunt against international solidarity activists!”3. Email to let us know you called (and what city you called from).

4. Sign and circulate the Pledge To Resist FBI Repression: **Pledge To Resist at
Coming off the victory in the case of veteran Chicano leader Carlos Montes, the Committee to Stop FBI repression is ramping up our campaign to stop the repression against anti-war and international solidarity activists.During the past 5 weeks, FBI agents have shown up at the homes of anti-war activists in North Carolina and Salt Lake City, where they tried to ask questions about Colombia solidarity work and upcoming protests.

Earlier this year, The Northern Illinois Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas confirmed that the “investigation is continuing” into the case of the 23 anti-war and international solidarity activists hit with FBI raids and grand jury repression in 2010. Barry Jonas, currently in charge, is known for his leading role in prosecuting the leaders of the Holy Land Foundation.

Jonas and Fitzgerald are part of the team that ordered FBI raids on anti-war and solidarity activists’ homes. They subpoenaed 23 from Chicago, Minneapolis and Michigan in 2010. All of those subpoenaed refused to speak before the grand jury.  The grand jury is a secret and closed inquisition, with no judge and no media. The U.S. Attorney controls the entire proceedings and hand picks the jurors. The anti-war activists would not be allowed a lawyer.

Now we are asking you to call those in charge of the repression aimed against anti-war leaders and the growing international solidarity movement.