“Author John Conroy lectures on wrongful convictions” @ Roosevelt Torch

Posted on September 26, 2012

Nick Davison — September 24, 2012: “John Conroy, an acclaimed author and journalist, took students through an often seen dark and twisted tale of the Chicago Police Department’s 1993 torture scandal last Wednesday. It was a part of the Gage Gallery’s Wrongful Convictions lecture series.

More than 40 students filled Roosevelt University’s Gage Gallery as Conroy, who first broke the story, informed the audience of the wrongful convictions and coerced confessions associated with CPDat the time.

Conroy described the life of Jon Burge, a Vietnam veteran turned Chicago detective who began his reign of torture in 1972. Burge was assigned to “Area 2” which is located on 91st Street and Cottage Grove Avenue. After he started, complaints of police brutality and torture started creeping up………………………….”

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