BORDC Releases January Newsletter

Posted on January 22, 2013

From Bill of Rights Defense Committee:

January 2013, Vol. 12, No. 1

In this issue:

Washington greets the New Year by assaulting your rights:


Grassroots News

  • Patriot Award: Andrew Bashi
  • Mourn an Internet hero and take action in his honor
  • Grassroots Updates
    • Alameda County, CA: Coalitions mobilize to challenge local surveillance drones, immigration enforcement
    • Los Angeles, CA: Broad protests on 11th anniversary of Guantanamo challenge torture and detention under NDAA, while Stop LAPD Spying Coalition continues to mobilize
    • Dallas, TX: Advocates host press conference and demonstration to creatively challenge detention, torture, NDAA
    • Fayetteville, AR: Communities come together to address anti-immigrant profiling
    • Chicago, IL: Coalition rallies first to challenge mass incarceration, and again to confront detention under NDAA and torture
    • Washington, DC: Activists mobilize against torture at the release of Zero Dark Thirty
    • New York, NY: Coalition presses towards victory on racial profiling as federal judge blocks NYPD profiling in the Bronx
    • New Britain, CT: Coalitions address anti-immigrant profiling, military detention without trial

Law and Policy

New Resources and Opportunities