Calendar of Activities Surrounding NATO Conference @ National Lawyer’s Guild

Posted on May 15, 2012

Courtesy of National Lawyer’s Guild:

10:00 am–Action to Demand a One-year Moratorium on Foreclosures and Evictions!
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 230 South La Salle Street
Communities United Against Foreclosure and Eviction and Occupy Chicago demand that Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart STOP all profit-oriented evictions and foreclosures from May 16, 2012 to May 16, 2013.

9:00 am–Iraq Veterans Against the WarVeterans memorial, on Riverwalk near East Wacker Dr. and N. Wabash
Press Conference to announce plans for May 20 ceremony against NATO at Cermak and Michigan at the end of the mass CANG8 and IVAW march.
11:00 am–CANG Press Conference with international visitors
8th Day Center For Justice
205 W. Monroe, 5th Floor

2:00 pm–Occupy Chicago’s Day of Environment: Planet over War! Jackson and LaSalle
BRING BIKE: Mass for Environmentally Sustainable Transportation

3:00 pm–180 N. Stetson Ave
Rally outside of the Canadian Consulate
GET DIRTY with Occupy Chicago against the Alberta Tar Sands and the environmentally destructive agendas of NATO and G8.

4:00 pm–Press Conference

6:00 pm–NATO Reps, Protestors to Debate – Public forum
Pritzker Military Library, 104 South Michigan Ave.
NATO representatives will meet with members of the largest anti-NATO protest group and Iraq Veterans Against the War for an unprecedented one-hour public debate.

6:00 pm–Korean American Resource Center, 2701 W. Peterson Ave.
Sounds of a New HopeFilm on the hip hop movement in the Philippine struggle for national liberation

6:30 pm–Discussion with Workers World Party: NATO: A tool of the 1%, with Larry Holmes, John Parker, Sara Flounders, and Armando Robles
UE Hall, 37 S. Ashland

7:00 pm–Film Showing: The Killing Floor: An Evening with Elsa Rassbach
5811 S. Ellis, Cobb 307


8:30 a.m.–Counter Summit for Peace and Economic Justice
People’s Church, 941 W Lawrence

9:00 – noon–Anakbayan USA Founding Congress
Gabriela USA 2nd Congress

1:00 – 6:00 pm–BAYAN USA 4th Congress
3460 W. Lawrence

11:00 am–National Nurses United: Chicago Rally to Protest Global 1% Daley Plaza
We must send a message to our world leaders: No more cuts to our communities. Make Wall Street and the banks pay for global recovery. No Cuts! No Austerity! Tax on Wall Street!

1:00 pm–Crime Busting March on Chicago’s Climate Crooks!
Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington
March with the NATO Environmental Justice Alliance around the Chicago Loop as we issue warrants for arrest of the corporations and government organizations responsible for destabilizing our climate!

6:30 pm– – Dinner & Overview of Summit Events
1447 W. Superior

7:00 pm–Voices for Humanity: Arts to Oppose NATO
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square 2649 N. Francisco Ave.
Unite! Inspire! Resist! An Evening of Arts to Oppose NATOSinger/songwriter David Rovics headlines an evening of story, poetry, inspiration, resistance to US/NATO war crimes. $10.


10:00 am – noon–Healthcare Not Warfare! Take the Fight to Rahm’s House!Irving Park Brown Line stop
The Mental Health Movement is calling on all NATO protesters to occupy the public clinics being closed by Mayor 1% Emanuel. On May 19, NATO demonstrators will take the fight to #SaveOurClinics to the Mayor’s doorstep.

7:00 pm–David Swanson: Lifting the Shadow of War
615 West Wellington Ave.David Swanson will speak and lead a discussion on the topic of “Lifting the Shadow of War.”

8:30 am–Counter Summit for Peace and Economic Justice
People’s Church 941 W Lawrence

1:00 – 5:30 pm–Founding of International League of People’s Struggle US Chapter
3460 W. Lawrence$20 admission. Lunch and dinner provided.

8:00 – 11:00 pm–International Cultural Solidarity Night
With Rebel Diaz / $10 admission

6:30 pm–Rising Waters: Global Warming and the Fate of the Pacific Islands
1447 W. Superior
Join us for this documentary, food, and a discussion on climate justice. Learn how to get involved in the environmental contingent for the HUGE march and rally to the NATO summit on Sunday May, 20th.

7:00 pm–Woody Guthrie Centennial concert
Metro, 3730 North Clark Street
Tom Morello will headline a musical celebration that honors the 100th anniversary of the birth of legendary American folk hero Woody Guthrie. The once-in-a-lifetime concert is the culmination of a month-long festival of cultural events that celebrate artistic and creative expression as a form of protest, presented by portoluz.

8:00 pm–This is Hell! Fundraiser for CANG8
Cary’s Lounge 2251 W. Devon
In the midst of the NATO protests, take a break to party with the This is Hell! rabble as we raise funds for the Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty Agenda (CANG8), Saturday, at the 51st Ward’s Designated Free Speech Zone for the evening.


Bless the March

10:00 am–Washington and Clark
Volunteers needed at prayer service to help with gathering crowd. Bring your families, children, musical instruments, signs, props, cameras, balloons, bicycles, horns, kazoos, funny hats and all other merry-making apparatus.

Coalition Against NATO/G8 War & Poverty Agenda mass rally and march against the NATO/G8 summits.

10:00 am–music


2 p.m.–march to Cermak…followed by closing rally.Petrillo Band Shell, Columbus Drive and Jackson, Grant Park


Time: TBD–Shut Down Boeing
100 North Riverside Plaza
Boeing has received over $12,231,152,299 from the US Department of Defense to produce war machines, which are used to terrorize civilians and communities the world over. These tools of destruction are produced using prison labor, allowing Boeing to make weaponized products for pennies on the dollar.