“Chicago man designated a terrorist is suing U.S. government” @ WBEZ

Posted on September 7, 2012

Rob Wildeboer — September 6, 2012: “A Chicago-area man designated as a terrorist is suing the federal government so he can do simple things like buy newspapers or gifts for his wife. Muhammad Salah, an American of Palestinian descent, was designated a terrorist in 1995. The designation means Americans are prohibited from engaging in financial transactions with him, which has made living in Chicago’s suburbs difficult.

Salah’s legal saga began in 1993 when he was arrested by Israeli police in the West Bank. Salah was carrying about $100,000 that he said was for Hamas’ humanitarian work helping impoverished Palestinians, but after a 54-day interrogation, Israeli agents said he admitted being a military leader in Hamas. Salah’s American lawyers say the confession was the result of torture…………………”

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