“Chicago police can be recorded during NATO summit” @ NECN.com

Posted on April 30, 2012

April 28, 2012: “CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago police officers patrolling next month’s NATO summit do not intend to enforce a state eavesdropping law that makes it a felony to record someone without the person’s permission, allowing bloggers and protesters to record officers during demonstrations.

The city’s chief legal officer said Friday there were too many questions over the controversial law’s future and acknowledged the tremendous difficulty of enforcing the measure during a summit expected to draw thousands of protesters armed with smartphones and video cameras.

“I think it is a recognition that, while the law is still on the books, it is currently being constitutionally challenged, coupled with the fact that the police are going to have other things to focus on during the summit,” said Steve Patton, corporation counsel for the city.

Those planning protest marches during the May 20-21 summit were skeptical that the decision would leave people entirely in the clear to record officers, noting that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has not offered similar assurances.

“They can say they’re not going to enforce it, but until this law is wiped from the books, it’s still a problem,” said one protest organizer, Andy Thayer.

The law, one of the strictest in the nation on the issue, requires all parties involved in a conversation to consent to any audio recording of it. So, those who use a smartphone to record a conversation with police or record video of arrests risk up to 15 years in prison…………………………………….”

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