Chicago Sun-Times Features Board Member Timuel Black

Posted on February 11, 2012

Image of Timuel Black, courtesy of Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times featured CCDBR Board member Timuel Black in a recent feature:

“Historian Timuel Black’s cozy, Hyde Park apartment is a little emptier after some 250 boxes of memorabilia — papers, photos, recordings, a jazz collection — were willed to future generations via Chicago’s public library.

But none of it really left. Nearly a century’s worth, it is still there in the keen mind and memory of the man.

‘My mother and father were sharecroppers, their parents, slaves. They brought my sister and brother and me to Chicago a month after its race riots, in August 1919. We were part of the first Great Migration,’ says the educator, author, political and civil rights activist, elder statesman and griot of Chicago’s black community.

‘My parents and others who fled the South came not only to get a better job, make more money, and get a better education for their children. They came to be able to talk back and fight back if they were attacked.'”

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