“City moves to settle torture cases for $7.1 million” @ WBEZ

Posted on July 23, 2012

Alex Keefe — July 23, 2012: “Two men who say they were tortured by Chicago police under Jon Burge are in line for more than $7 million in payouts, and former Mayor Richard Daley will be spared from testifying under oath about the scandal, as part of two legal settlements a City Council Committee approved Monday.

Aldermen on the Finance Committee approved a $5.3 million settlement for Michael Tillman, who was allegedly tortured by Chicago police into confessing to a murder that he didn’t commit. Tillman spent more than 23 years in prison, and was exonerated in 2010.

The Committee also approved a $1.8 million settlement in the case of David Fauntleroy, who also said he had been tortured by police and was later cleared……………….”

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