“Even a military judge recognizes what many progressives denied: Bradley Manning was mistreated” @ The Guardian

Posted on January 10, 2013

Glenn Greenwald — January 9, 2013: “Few if any articles that I’ve written produced as much backlash as my 15 December 2010 column reporting on the oppressive and inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning‘s detention, the first time that story was reported. The anger at my article primarily came not from right-wing venues but from the hardest-core Obama supporters, who (as they always do since 20 January 2009) reflexively defended the US government. Led by former Obama campaign press aide and now MSNBC contributor (the ultimate redundancy) Joy Reid, these particularly fanatical Democratic partisans literally adopted the anti-Manning rhetoric from the further right-wing precincts and repudiated the liberal tradition of defending whistleblowers and opposing oppressive detention conditions – all in order to insist that Manning was being treated exactly how he should be (this warped reaction was far from unanimous, asmany progressives protested Manning’s treatment).

Since then, an internal investigation by the Marine Corps – which operates the brig in which he was held – found that Manning’s jailers violated their own policies in imposing oppressive conditions……………….”

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