EVENT ALERT: black/inside

Posted on October 10, 2012

From Project NIA:

Black/Inside: A History of Captivity & Confinement in the U.S. considers how a system of criminalizing & imprisoning Black men and women has been sustained from colonial times to the present. The exhibition illustrates the historical roots of black confinement and provides insights into how the U.S. became a Prison Nation, detaining & incarcerating over 2.3 million people. While we are focused on black confinement and captivity in this exhibition, we must also necessarily interrogate what it means to be “free.”
We hope that you will join us when Black/Inside officially opens to the public on October 23rd! Learn more about the curators, organizers, and sponsors of the exhibition here.
Below is more information about what to expect in the exhibition and associated events.  You can keep track of Black/Inside at our website.
Mariame Kaba
Project NIA