EVENT ALERT: Free the NATO 5 — Protect Civil Liberties 12/6

Posted on November 26, 2012

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PANEL to feature . . .
SARAH GELSOMINO, National Lawyers Guild member and NATO 5 defense attorney
ANDREW BASHI, Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights
ADESINA CLAY, Network to Support the NATO 5
MATT X, Occupy Chicago

The NATO 5 are five activists arrested in the the days leading up to the massive protest against the NATO summit in Chicago on May 19, 2012. Headlines blared that the Chicago police had foiled a “terrorist plot.” As it turns out, the only plot the police foiled had been orchestrated by police infiltrators themselves.

In order to prepare for the trials of the NATO 5 expected to begin sometime in 2013, it is essential that we start now to build a proactive campaign of public education about how the government— in Chicago and across the country—is cracking down on dissent and our civil liberties.

Let’s turn the tables!

In the months ahead, the NATO 5 Defense Committee will be teaming with other organizations, activists and individuals committed to defending the right to live free of police infiltration, entrapment and harassment.

Join us on for a forum on December 6 to discuss:

* an update on the NATO 5 case,
* outlines of a proposed public education campaign,
* description of ways for you and/or your organization to join this effort

In 2013, let’s make our story heard!

Part one of a series — “POLICING DISSENT: Infiltration, entrapment, and the NATO5”