Note on NATO Protests from CCDBR President Robert Clarke

Posted on May 15, 2012

To those of you in Chicago area: don’t be afraid to join the two biggest protests (there will be many other events, listed in “calendar” of web site given below):

This Friday, 18 May, at noon in Daley Plaza, organized by the national nurses’ union.

This Sunday, 20 May, rally at noon, Petrillo Band Shell, Grant Park, followed by march at 2 PM to Michigan/Cermak (unless changed at last minute by Secret Service), where Iraq Veterans Against War will throw their military medals back to the NATO panjandrums plotting war and waste in the McCormick Place bunker. The march will cover something over two miles, so obviously not for everyone. Temperature predicted about 80 degrees with chance of rain, so bring some water.

Obviously some cannot attend because of mobility, health or legal problems; but all can join in spirit and share in the refusal to be intimidated by fear-mongering and disinformation.

Even getting out of bed isn’t risk-free; but both these events have official city permits and are organized as “family-friendly,” peaceful exercises in free assembly. On May 20, I will be among the dozens of “peace guides” on the scene from beginning to end.


Here is the web site to consult for all necessary information:

IN RELATED NEWS: These extraordinary photos by friend Larry Redmond (photographer, novelist, lawyer, activist) capture better than any press account I’ve seen the feeling and dynamic of the Occupy movement, the NATO CANG8 coalition protest, and the general spirit of serious challenge to the established order that is going on out there. They were taken this past weekend at the “People’s Summit” in Occupy Chicago headquarters, an empty warehouse between Chinatown and Pilsen. (For aficianados of “steam punk,” a dream location.):

As Bob Dylan used to intone, “Something is happening out there, and you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Jones?”