“Out of Pandora’s Box: Taser Nation” @ Huffington Post

Posted on September 24, 2012

Cheryl Mendelson — September 19, 2012: “When Tasers make the news, it’s usually in a report about police brutality or someone’s death after being Tased, and these are important stories about the chief evils of Tasers. There are fewer news stories about legal, nonlethal Tasings. But they’re bad, too — really bad — for reasons that are easy to overlook and harder to describe but worth worrying about.

Tasers are like those ugly stinging things that flew out of Pandora’s box. Once they’re out, you can’t get them back in the box; they make for more pain and danger and fear in the world, and it’s all our own fault. The law-and-order crowd love them, of course; Tasers hurt people terribly and invite sadistic abuse. Tasing causes hideous pain, pain that rises to the level of torture. If you think it isn’t torture, watch this. (Sensitive readers: It’s upsetting, as are some videos linked to below.)……………………….”

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