Petition Released Calling Governor Quinn to Revive the IL Torture Commission

Posted on March 20, 2012


Numerous Chicago Torture victims remain in prison! Most Chicagoans and many people around the world know about the brutal acts of torture perpetrated by police officers for decades under the command of Jon Burge. Hundreds of young black men — many mere teenagers at the time of their arrests and torture — were forced into confessing to crimes and imprisoned While millions of tax dollars have been spent to defend the torturers, many victimized by Burge and others are still in prison with no recourse other than the potential for freedom and justice which the Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission can provide.

History is repeating itself as our officials refuse to prioritize this issue or the victims/survivors, so the Commission is being virtually dismantled due to reduced funding and failure to appoint commissioners for vacant seats. Governor Quinn and legislators have a chance to reverse the budget cuts in their new budget. Call on them to fully fund and staff the Torture Commission – now!

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