“Photographers give Illinois prisoners a glimpse of the outside world” @ WBEZ

Posted on November 19, 2012

Lauren Choolijan — November 16, 2012: “On one of the first really cold November mornings this month, photographer Greg Ruffing was walking around a vacant lot on Chicago’s south side, camera in hand. When he’s shooting photos, he’s all about the details: watching for a train to add movement to the shot. Waiting for the light to shine in precisely the right way.

“It’s definitely really colorful back there,” Ruffing says out loud, scanning the sky. “But it’s a little too dark here in the foreground and a little bit relative to how bright it is in the sky, so I’m just gonna wait a minute.”

Though Ruffing says he’s always this meticulous on his jobs for big magazines, he’s paying extra attention to his senses for this photo project. He’s shooting an image for someone who hasn’t been outside in decades. Who has no idea what this block looks like, even though he grew up right where Ruffing is standing with his camera……………………”

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