“Police handling of excessive force complaints aired out in civil trial of disgraced cop Abbate” @ Chicago Sun-Times

Posted on October 24, 2012

Kim Janssen — October 24, 2012: “The Chicago Police Department’s history of sustaining only a tiny fraction of excessive force complaints against its officers was center stage in Federal Court Wednesday.

Attorneys accusing disgraced former cop Anthony Abbate and other officers of a cover up highlighted how rarely Chicago officers are disciplined in an attempt to convince jurors in the civil trial that Abbate thought he could act with impunity when he brutally attacked barmaid Karolina Obrycka in February 2007.

But lawyers for the city fired back — questioning the methods and credentials of a Mt. Sinai Hospital Epidemiologist who authored a study stating that on average less than 3 percent of all excessive force complaints against Chicago cops are sustained……………………….”

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