CPD’s Impending Consent Decree Holds Promise to Improve Safety for Over-Policed Disabled Population

According to a new article from the Chicago Reporter, the current draft of the consent decree imposed by federal court on the Chicago Police Department will include provisions intended to specifically address the safety of individuals with disabilities. The … Read more »

Daley’s Casual Proposal to Expand Surveillance Would Build on Chicago’s Already Appalling Legacy

According to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, last month mayoral candidate Bill Daley unveiled a prospective crime-fighting plan that includes adding thousands of additional surveillance cameras to Chicago’s already sprawling network. Even more unsettlingly, the proposal would also … Read more »

Opinion: Consistent, and Meaningful, Defense of First Amendment Fee Expression Must Include Even White Supremacists

In the wake of the horrific and senseless attack on peaceful anti-white supremacist protesters by a white supremacist supporter in Charlottesville, Virginia, the progressive movement, and Americans across the political spectrum, are understandably in shock. But while tragedies such as … Read more »

ACLU/CPD Agreement on Stop & Frisk

Following negotiations with the Illinois American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy agreed to measures enabling a judge to evaluate his force’s “stop and frisk” tactics on Thursday. The agreement also mandates officers to document each time … Read more »

ACLU Reveals Chicago’s Appalling Stop & Frisk Figures

A damning new report from the American Civil Liberties Union’s Illinois chapter shows that Chicago endured over a quarter of a million stop-and-frisk encounters that ended without an arrest last summer. Of those stopped, nearly three-quarters were African-American, even though … Read more »