From the President: Say No to Torture, Oppose Gina Haspel Nomination as CIA Chief

There is urgency to this posting because Congress will return from its Spring break April 9 and the Senate Intelligence Committee is expected to schedule quickly thereafter the Haspel confirmation hearings, to be followed almost immediately by full Senate vote.… Read more »

Data Analytics Firm Deeply Entangled With Intelligence Community Provides Unfettered CIA Database Access to ICE

In a new piece from The Intercept, reports indicate that the surveillance data analytics company Palantir provides a database querying tool to Immigration and Customs Enforcement which, among other features, would allow members of the agency to access files acquired by the … Read more »

Op-Ed: The Wikileaks Documents Show the CIA’s Hacking Operations Cause More Harm Than Good

With barely a week having passed since Wikileaks released a formidable cache of documents on CIA hacking techniques, observers are already frantically assessing their impact. Media and expert reactions vary widely, spanning anywhere from Leonid Bershidsky’s dismissal of the revelations as ultimately inconsequential in affecting what is … Read more »

DePaul Dean Condemned in APA Torture Report

Former Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman’s report into the American Psychological Association’s (APA) involvement in government interrogation practices has revealed an embarrassing compliance with the notoriously harsh and abusive style preferred by the CIA—and identified current DePaul Dean Gerald Koocher … Read more »

Time To Permanently Ban Torture—Write Your Representative!

In June, the Senate passed the McCain-Feinstein amendment prohibiting CIA torture with a bipartisan 78-21 vote. The provision requires that the CIA and other government agencies follow the flawed but relatively humane guidelines in the Army Field Manual while conducting … Read more »