Daley’s Casual Proposal to Expand Surveillance Would Build on Chicago’s Already Appalling Legacy

According to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, last month mayoral candidate Bill Daley unveiled a prospective crime-fighting plan that includes adding thousands of additional surveillance cameras to Chicago’s already sprawling network. Even more unsettlingly, the proposal would also … Read more »

Sinister Private Counter-Terrorism Firm Hired to Track and Infiltrate Dakota Pipeline Protesters, Including Chicago Groups

UPDATE (6/22/17): In a subsequent installment of their reporting on surveillance targeting Dakota Access Pipeline protests, The Intercept has revealed that both shorty before and after demonstrators were dispersed from their encampment, TigerSwan continued tracking the whereabouts and activities … Read more »

Data Analytics Firm Deeply Entangled With Intelligence Community Provides Unfettered CIA Database Access to ICE

In a new piece from The Intercept, reports indicate that the surveillance data analytics company Palantir provides a database querying tool to Immigration and Customs Enforcement which, among other features, would allow members of the agency to access files acquired by the … Read more »