Bill of Rights Club: A Podcast by CCDBR

The Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights is excited to announce the launch of a new podcast: Bill of Rights Club. Over the course of this series, we’ll be taking the most pressing and significant current events we cover … Read more »

Journalists Face Greater Legal Peril as US Justice Department Goes After Leakers

According to a new article from The Intercept, the US Department of Justice has announced that, as part of their redoubled effort to combat unauthorized disclosures, it may issue subpoenas to compel journalists to identify sources for their reporting. … Read more »

Chicago Organizers Outline Extensive Protests for February and Beyond

Organizers across a wide array of social movements have outlined an extensive schedule for protest activity in Chicago over the course of February, with at least four slated for this month. Further action for as far out as April has … Read more »