Chicago Journalist Jamie Kalven’s Subpoena Battle Illustrates the Danger of Indirect Attacks on Press Freedom

In The Intercept, Chicago journalist Jamie Kalven reflects on his recent court battle to protect a source of his reporting, and what it illustrates about the state of press freedoms in the United States. Last year, Kalven, whose reporting … Read more »

Press: In Light of FCC Vote, CCDBR and Allies Will Step Up the Fight for Free and Open Internet

CHICAGO — On Sunday, December 10, 2017, the Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights, in partnership with the Electronic Frontier Alliance, held an open forum to discuss the impact of the impending Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) vote to Read more »

Felony Rioting Charges Against Journalists Threaten Free Press Coverage

UPDATE (6/19/17): In their continuing coverage of detained Inauguration Day protesters and journalists covering them, Al Jazeera reports that two journalists swept up in a mass arrest by police in Washington DC remain charged (along with the protesters) with several … Read more »

Reporting on Released Manual Shows FBI Surveillance More Prevalent, Invasive Than Previously Known

Extensive investigation from The Intercept last week has shed much light on formerly opaque and murky FBI practices. The new details presented in the reports arise from the disclosure of documents, obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests, which were Read more »