CPD’s Impending Consent Decree Holds Promise to Improve Safety for Over-Policed Disabled Population

According to a new article from the Chicago Reporter, the current draft of the consent decree imposed by federal court on the Chicago Police Department will include provisions intended to specifically address the safety of individuals with disabilities. The … Read more »

Trump’s Law Enforcement Address is Only the Latest Encouragement in a Pattern of Normalizing Police Brutality

In a piece for Portside, columnist Jelani Cobb underscored the dangerous pattern of the Trump administration, spearheaded by President Trump himself, to normalize abusive policing practices. While Trump’s speech last week to police officers in Long Island grabbed headlines … Read more »

President’s Note: CCDBR-Supported Bill Would Curtail Solitary Confinement
UPDATE: 20 May 2017: Representative Ford’s bill is off the House agenda until next year, but the increasing number and quality of co-sponsors are encouraging signs. His bill is a path breaking one that will require much future mobilization to
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Forty Years of Resistance Against Government Surveillance—Remembering The Church Committee

In light of the recent passage of the USA FREEDOM Act, NPR revisited the earliest legislative efforts to reform government spy agencies and tactics this week with a brief radio segment on the Church Committee.

Listen to David Welna’s five … Read more »

Congress Passes USA Freedom Act, Takes Baby Steps In Surveillance Reform

At long last, Congress has slapped a band-aid on the bleeding wounds of the 4th Amendment. This week saw the passage of the USA Freedom Act to ostensibly replace the more egregious trappings of Section 215 of the USA Patriot … Read more »