Justice Department Steps Up Assault on Press Freedom with Records Request Into New York Times Journalist

A new article from the New York Times reports that the Department of Justice sought, and was granted, communications records for a journalist as part of an investigation into a former Senate Intelligence Committee staffer who allegedly acted as a … Read more »

Opinion: For Sun-Times Editorial Board, No Warrant, No Surveillance, No Exceptions

This week the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board took a firm stance against warrantless surveillance against American citizens, specifically that which is tolerated under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The legislation, which is under consideration for … Read more »

Op-Ed: The Wikileaks Documents Show the CIA’s Hacking Operations Cause More Harm Than Good

With barely a week having passed since Wikileaks released a formidable cache of documents on CIA hacking techniques, observers are already frantically assessing their impact. Media and expert reactions vary widely, spanning anywhere from Leonid Bershidsky’s dismissal of the revelations as ultimately inconsequential in affecting what is … Read more »

Forty Years of Resistance Against Government Surveillance—Remembering The Church Committee

In light of the recent passage of the USA FREEDOM Act, NPR revisited the earliest legislative efforts to reform government spy agencies and tactics this week with a brief radio segment on the Church Committee.

Listen to David Welna’s five … Read more »

Congress Faces Patriot Act Decision

On June 1st, one of the Patriot Act’s more indefensible components—Section 215—is due to expire. The only thing that can save it is an affirmative vote by both houses of Congress for its reauthorization.

In 2013, whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed … Read more »