stop and frisk

ACLU/CPD Agreement on Stop & Frisk

Following negotiations with the Illinois American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy agreed to measures enabling a judge to evaluate his force’s “stop and frisk” tactics on Thursday. The agreement also mandates officers to document each time … Read more »

Invisible Institute Sheds Light on Youth/Police Relations in Chicago

Recent national tragedies in Ferguson, Cleveland and elsewhere have sparked an overdue scrutiny of police misgivings throughout the country, and now Chicago’s Invisible Institute is enabling local youth and police to discuss their relationship via its Youth/Police Project.

For some … Read more »

ACLU Reveals Chicago’s Appalling Stop & Frisk Figures

A damning new report from the American Civil Liberties Union’s Illinois chapter shows that Chicago endured over a quarter of a million stop-and-frisk encounters that ended without an arrest last summer. Of those stopped, nearly three-quarters were African-American, even though … Read more »