“The Illinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission — Defunded but Not Forgotten” @ Huffington Post

Posted on September 26, 2012

G. Flint Taylor — September 25, 2012: “In 2009, the Illinois Legislature, in response to the demands of Chicago community activists led by Black People Against Police Torture, passed theIllinois Torture Inquiry and Relief Commission Act.

The act, which was championed by Illinois State Senator Kwame Raoul, ‘establishes an extraordinary procedure to investigate and determine factual claims of torture,’ and empowers the TIRC to screen such claims, and, where appropriate, to ‘conduct inquiries into claims of torture with priority to be given to those cases in which the convicted person is currently incarcerated solely for the crime to which he or she claims torture by Jon Burge or officers under his command, or both.’…………………………….”

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