“Time for apology in Burge cases” @ Chicago Sun-Times

Posted on June 26, 2012

G. Flynt Taylor — June 22, 2012: “June is Torture Awareness Month, as declared by the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, so let’s review a little local torture history:

Forty years ago this month, a Chicago Police officer named Jon Burge was promoted to detective. Shortly thereafter, he organized a cabal of Area 2 detectives who, over the next 20 years, tortured more than 110 African-American men into making false confessions that sent many of them to prison and some to Death Row.

Thirty years ago, State’s Attorney Richard Daley and his first assistant, Richard Devine, were informed by Police Supt. Richard Brzeczek that Andrew Wilson had been tortured at Area 2. Daley and Devine rejected Brzeczek’s invitation to investigate, and, as a result, scores of additional suspects were subsequently tortured by Burge and his men…………………………………….”

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