Weekly News Digest: March 5, 2013

Posted on March 5, 2013

The latest in civil liberties news from Chicago:

STOP & FRISK TO A CORNER NEAR YOU: City Treasurer Stephanie Neely has called for a Chicago version of “Stop and Frisk,” as discussed in Friday’s post at Black Youth Project.

PROFITING OFF PRISONERS: Dr. Niaz Kasravi discusses the private prison industry in last Thursday’s Huffington Post.

CHANGING THE IMAGE: Chicago Reader’s Steve Bogira writes on how the Current Population Survey ignores the prison population, and leads to a misinformed conversation on the race gap in last Thursday’s issue.

GIDEON’S 50th & INDIGENT DEFENSE: Chicago Reporter’s Angela Caputo investigates Cook County public defender’s heavy caseloads in light of Gideon v. Wainwright‘s 50th Anniversary.

POSING AS PROTESTERSKim Geiger reports in today’s Chicago Tribune that University of Chicago has launched an investigation over the involvement of a University of Chicago police officer in last month’s protest over U of C’s hospital trauma care.

CHALLENGING STATE TERRORISM STATUTES: Truthout’s Steve Horn discusses the NATO 3 case and its challenge of the IL state terrorism statutes.

STANDING FOR THE UNDOCUMENTEDUIC students respond to anti-immigrant graffiti on campus, reports Erin Vogle in yesterday’s Redeye.