“What Does Stuart Nudelman Have Against Police Torture Victims?” @ Huffington Post

Posted on October 23, 2012

David Protess — October 22, 2012: “When I last wrote about Stanley Wrice, he was hoping to walk his daughter Gail down the aisle on Aug. 12. Hope does not come easily to a man serving a 100-year sentence for a gang rape back in 1982, but Wrice had seized the momentum in his fight for exoneration.

The Illinois Court of Appeals had ordered a hearing in 2010 based on evidence that Wrice’s confession resulted from torture by cops working for the infamous Comdr. Jon Burge. The remaining evidence against Wrice had evaporated last year when the only living witness to the crime recanted his testimony — and two of the actual perpetrators said Wrice was not involved.

In February, the Illinois Supreme Court unanimously agreed with the appellate court. The justices shipped the case to Cook County Judge Evelyn B. Clay with orders to hear the evidence. It looked like freedom was at hand for Wrice……………………..”

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