“Wrongful conviction case against police, prosecutors wins appeal” @ Chicago Tribune

Posted on May 30, 2012

Annie Sweeney — May 31, 2012: “Twenty-five years after Herb Whitlock and Gordon “Randy” Steidl were sent to prison on murder charges that were eventually dropped, a federal appeals court has cleared the way for a lawsuit the two men filed against law enforcement officers they say conspired against them.

The federal 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday rejected arguments made by the multiple defendants that the lawsuit be thrown out and suggested there was an urgent need to move the case forward.

‘If their claims are true, a grave and nearly unbelievable miscarriage of justice occurred in Paris, Ill.,’ the court’s opinion states. ‘Two innocent men will have to deal with its consequences for the rest of their lives. We find no reason to delay their day in court for these matters any further.’…………………………..”

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