Coalition of Civil Liberties Groups Campaign for Ban on Police Facial Recognition

A new piece by Truthout reports that over 30 civil liberties organizations have united to lobby governments at all levels to prohibit law enforcement use of facial recognition technology. The alliance, led by Fight for the Future, views facial … Read more »

Law and Technology Quickly Converging to Allow Unblinking Aerial Surveillance

As its law enforcement application continues to evolve and proliferate, drone deployment in municipalities across the country has attracted spirited resistance by civil libertarians. Considering the degree to which drones can compromise the privacy of individuals, notably in their … Read more »

Digital Rights Activist Contributes Eloquent Essay Perfectly Encapsulating Today’s Struggle for Privacy

One of the perennial challenges that digital rights-conscious civil liberties defenders face is the difficulty in expressing why digital technology presents such a unique and insidious threat to privacy. The ramifications of the erosion of privacy are truly palpable, especially Read more »

San Francisco Debuts Nation’s First Facial Recognition Regulation with Ban on Government Use

An article last week from Wired reported that San Francisco has passed the nation’s first ban on government use of facial recognition technology. Enacted by the city’s Board of Supervisors, the measure was adopted as part of a suite of … Read more »

DHS Fusion Centers with History of Civil Liberties Infringement Tracked Family Separation Protests

According to an article published by The Intercept last week, the Department of Homeland Security relayed intelligence to department fusion centers for the purposes of tracking protests against Trump administration immigration policies. In June 2018, LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, a … Read more »

Research Shows Poor Americans More Severely Harmed By Surveillance

According to a piece in The New York Times, a recent study by the Pew Research Center revealed that Americans in lower income groups confront greater privacy and security concerns, but enjoy less access to means of addressing themRead more »

Report: Justice Department Convenes Forum to Expand Police Use of Drones with Zero Concern for Privacy Implications

Last week, the US Department of Justice issued a press release announcing the start of a forum designed to help law enforcement agencies across the country expand their use of drones. The release, which took the form of a … Read more »

San Francisco Moves to Prohibit Government Use of Facial Recognition and Limit Surveillance Technology

According to a new piece by The Atlantic, San Francisco legislators are moving ahead with a bill that would prohibit city government agencies from using facial recognition technology. While the draft legislation, known as the “Stop Secret Surveillance … Read more »

CPD’s Impending Consent Decree Holds Promise to Improve Safety for Over-Policed Disabled Population

According to a new article from the Chicago Reporter, the current draft of the consent decree imposed by federal court on the Chicago Police Department will include provisions intended to specifically address the safety of individuals with disabilities. The … Read more »

Border Warrant Exemption for Smartphone Search Under New Challenge in Newly Filed Lawsuit

This week, Ars Technica reported that a new lawsuit has been filed challenging the federal government’s practice of searching without warrants the digital devices of Americans entering or leaving the country. The suit takes aim at the dubious, though judicially Read more »